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Literately inflected modes of engaging with the sacred are surely no less valuable or no less real than those contoured by, and for the sake of, oral accessibility or enjoyment.
Moreover, we can postulate (and even ascertain) that a certain orally or literately inflected epistemic contouring of narrative has the capacity to traverse storytelling genres, linking modernist novels, say, more to art-cinema narration than to dime-store paperbacks; or oral epic more to Bollywood (and Hollywood blockbusters (7)) than to James Joyce's Ulysses.
Truckle Elizabeth Berkley Crouch's Servant Jason Ma Captain Crouch Nick Wyman Chief of Police Peter Scolari 1st Policeman Robert La Velle 2nd Policeman, Bailiff Gordon Joseph Weiss 3rd Policeman Jeff Talbott Court Clerk "Professor" Irwin Corey Greed is not only good, it's downright hysterical in the Broadway-bound revival of Larry Gelbart's farce "Sly Fox." Gelbart's literately low script, based loosely on Ben Jonson's "Volpone," is a love letter to avarice, a valentine to duplicity.
Sexual Healing is about the struggles, both internal and external, involved when women attempt to own their own sexuality, and I mean "own" both literately and figuratively.
Every conceivable angle of the conception, design, financing and construction of the Eden Project has been covered in great detail both literately and visually with the text voicing both despair when things went wrong and the joy when things went right.
In presenting a work that is both literately gripping and representational of groups' historical experiences, the authors have succeeded.
Albert Lord, in The Singer of Tales (Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 1960) argued against the existence of "transitional" texts, texts could be a product of a single creator who composed both orally and literately at the same moment of his career:
The boyos from the valleys literately painted the town red with their team colours everywhere.
The motivation for concerted action was substantial: South Lumberton residents could literately view drug deals from their windows, as a scourge of blight and violence infected their neighborhood and corrupted their youth.