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Still the attitude of the people, both the literates and the illiterate, resembles the ambience where narrow caste considerations prevailed.
Why a literate society is essential to establish a 'nation state' in the fullest sense?
Our results suggest that financial experts' frameworks for evaluating overall financial reporting quality for a set of financial statements differ from those of financial literates.
Our results also indicate that literates were more likely than experts to raise primary concerns about the reporting treatments for high-salience financial statement items, i.
As educators and researchers, we know that different understandings of what it is to be literate and what literacy is are linked to differing ideological positions.
For increasing numbers of citizens, television and video constitute valued social and cultural texts and consequently, critical reading of these texts is now an aspect of literate behaviour in our society.
experimentally test three hypotheses that predict financial experts and literates to hold different, albeit complementary, perspectives on financial reporting quality.
The theoretical premise for all three hypotheses is that financial experts have relatively well-developed memories containing semantic (and episodic) knowledge that they can readily access to render judgments about reporting quality, whereas financial literates have relatively impoverished memories containing mostly episodic knowledge.
The Minister also conveyed the greetings of Saudi female and male literates and intellectuals for the monarch's safe return and recovered health.
He announced honoring four of Saudi literates who have passed away.
Our dream is to see Pakistan 100% literate, developed and progressing status among the nations of the world' she said.
Brandt expands Graff's notion of the literacy myth, adding that the myth includes not only the mistaken assumption that literacy begets economic freedom, but also the fallacy that literate persons think better than do non-literate persons.