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By providing a rewarding research experience an supplementing instruction, Literati School helps students to develop critical information skills.
The literati tradition dates back to the Song dynasty (960-1279) but was codified during the Ming and Qing dynasties, from 1368 onwards.
It is important to bear in mind that such critical discourses were generated mainly by intellectual Chan masters and literati.
In those days, the London literati could more easily reach New Quay - the train was then still running to Aberaeron.
Victorians and the Case for Charity: Essays on Responses to English Poverty by the State, the Church and the Literati
1) The state tried to control the chastity cult during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), but it remained a local community phenomenon that was promoted by elite men, who construed chastity as a symbol of the sentiment (qing) of the literati ethic of loyalty.
The literati dismissed The Da Vinci Code as poorly written pulp fiction.
The title captures the spirit of a book replete with encomia to a score of English literati who traveled a long and tortuous route to the Catholic Church.
He believed, for instance that both effective political policymaking pertaining to industrial countries and the reduction of the gulf between the rich and poor countries of the world required the combined expertise of both scientists and literati.
Paris Minton is a secondhand bookstore owner and self-made literati.
The forms used by ancient Chinese artists often related to their allegiances: the literati worked in an intentionally unrefined manner, for example; followers of the orthodox school strove to instill a spirit of antiquity in their compositions; and professional and court painters used highly polished, meticulous brushwork.
IT'S often claimed our lives are run by either the literati, glitterati, aristocrati or the New Labourati.