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So intent were they upon each other that neither took note of his approach; until, when he was close upon them, the man threw his arm roughly round the damsel's waist and drew her towards him, she straining her lithe, supple figure away and striking fiercely at him, while the hooded hawk screamed with ruffled wings and pecked blindly in its mistress's defence.
Yet, grave as were his thoughts, they would still turn to wonder as he looked at the twinkling feet of his guide and saw her lithe figure bend this way and that, dipping under boughs, springing over stones, with a lightness and ease which made it no small task for him to keep up with her.
As she looked upon her champion she saw a lithe, muscular, brown-haired youth whose clear eyes and perfect figure, unconcealed by either bassinet or hauberk, reflected the clean, athletic life of the trained fighting man.
The Hands of Time Her hands that once were young and lithe, Are now all tired with age, The hands that cared for many things, That held her newborn babes.
com)-- The long, lithe national dress of Vietnam, the ao dai, is at the heart of an alluring new package from La Residence Hue Hotel & Spa.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Rearing 9 Rioja 10 Diary 11 Testate 12 Cue 13 Browbeat 16 Monsieur 17 Cup 19 Tarnish 21 Amigo 22 Lithe 23 Retreat DOWN: 1 Product 2 Jalapeno 3 Airy 4 Crossbar 5 Iona 6 Pared 8 Get-together 13 Bassinet 14 Archives 15 Sprouts 18 Stole 20 Rite 21 Alto QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Laddishness 8 Six 9 Pad 11 Malaria 12 Beige 13 Are 14 Ton 15 Satchel 17 Too 19 Ooze 21 Anti 23 Hoop 25 Biro 27 Tow 29 Dreamer 31 Odd 34 Spa 36 Seedy 37 Harbour 38 Tea 39 Any 40 Preliminary DOWN: 1 Liar 2 Axle 3 Dormant 4 Stance 5 Noble 6 Spit 7 Sago 8 Smart 10 Dense 16 Loo 18 Oar 20 Opt 22 Nod 24 Overrun 25 Boost 26 Mayhem 28 Weary 30 Royal 32 Deep 33 Dear 34 Soar 35 Puny
The Lithe Method burns fat and sculpts muscle all over by focusing on a different body part in each session.
Fitness company Lithe Method has signed its first New York City lease at 32 West 18th Street.
THE VERDICT Super-cool action TV series, with Maggie Q lithe and deadly as Nikita.
Er, a nice idea, but isn't curvaceous Dolly forgetting two massive reasons why her outfits might not be a perfect fit for the lithe, boyish figure of Gaga?
Paltrow looked lithe, toned and appeared to show no trace of any stretch marks, which would be expected after having two children.
Genentech announced that the FDA had approved the addition of the following information to the tocilizumab prescribing label, based on data from the LITHE (Tocilizumab Safety and the Prevention of Structural Joint Damage) study: inhibition and slowing of structural joint damage, improvement of physical function, and achievement of major clinical response in adults with moderately to severely active RA treated with tocilizumab and methotrexate.