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in the years since their debut, their sparse sound has been aped wildly, is's barebones approach spans genres, making everyone From global pop stars to deep dubstep producers want to move as lithely.
I nod and follow as he moves lithely beneath his khaki cap to crouch at a break in the acacia trees.
A natural-born athlete, Robert wowed onlookers as he lithely scaled the hotel.
The carnival will come alive with soaring aerialists, who will be lithely careening overhead, and beautiful dancers, whose sensual moves will enchant the crowd.
He moved lithely, and behaved with quiet assurance and humility.
It is true that he is still slender, moves more lithely than most septuagenarians and that his moderately pleasant voice shows few signs of the half-century of wear and tear to which it has been subjected.
Lithely incorporating such details as the influence in Carney's day of the Trinity lecturer, Abbey board member, and Gypsylorist Walter Starkey, Burke's interpretation is persuasive.
1875-80 watercolour By the River (shown in Williamstown only)--one senses that few possessed the ability to apply pigments to surfaces as lithely as he.
Morrison had lithely managed the young actor's career throughout the 1930s, as Wayne drifted in and out of minor roles in studio films and major roles in minor films.
Lehrbaumer's speedy, high-pitched piano part skipped lithely alongside the orchestral accompaniment, to immensely energizing effect.
This bit is going to be fast and dirty," explained James, spinning lithely in his kayak to face me.