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Lehrbaumer's speedy, high-pitched piano part skipped lithely alongside the orchestral accompaniment, to immensely energizing effect.
In spite of all that, claim professionals are lithely maneuvering a changing landscape and finding (or rather creating) opportunities for enrichment.
Dreadlocked and naked from the waist up except for the white designs painted on his body, Kani moved lithely up and down tree branches like a spirit indeed.
This bit is going to be fast and dirty," explained James, spinning lithely in his kayak to face me.
Then, a scuffling noise from the jeep and a body jumped lithely down before slithering over towards us.
Tall, glistening moose wade lithely through spring-fed grasses into well-tracked mineral licks.
And anything moving that quickly and lithely is certainly not tethered to something else, including the past.
Ring-a-ring-a-widdershins, Linkin', lithely widdershins.
DeFelice stepped lithely into the medical office on the Upper East Side he uses for Manhattan get-togethers.
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