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40) Their sexual grotesquerie is underlined in their names; one woman is named Centaure, referring to the half-horse, half-male-human creature, and another is Mistress Otter, named for the amphibious mammal whose playful litheness was equated with sexual voraciousness as well as indeterminacy.
4m man with a boxer's physique but the litheness and energy of a gymnast, who simply dominated the middle of the park and turned it into his own private kingdom.
More recently, he wowed millions of people with his litheness and fleetness of foot on Strictly Come Dancing.
What made it worse were changes of fashion: as the century wore on, an acceptable amplitude (curvaceous bosoms, swollen petticoats, and enormous wigs) gave way to a modish litheness.
In "Greg's Legs," for example, Light combines cleverness, syntactic litheness, and rhyme to produce a playful, syncopated homage.
maddeningly indulg[ing] his trick shots on high-pressure points," while his Russian counterpart is "the more 'complete' player": "Nabokov just went out there and did the business, all litheness, power and touch" ("Nabokov's Grand Slam," 1992).
With the litheness of boys, the drivers (both of whom must have been her age) climbed aboard.
Wanley's stocky build reinforces his steadiness while the litheness of the DA, the Inspector, and the blackmailer enhances their elasticity, pliant in spite of the regimentations with which they are presented.
Up to the last moment," a friend observed, "he kept the litheness of spirit and mind that was his dominant quality and of which his style was the image.
Nothing compared with the grace and litheness of her limbs, whose every movement was visible as they were only partially covered by a light garment, and whose charms were all the greater the less she was aware of them.
Extending the sensuous cat imagery, Williams portrays Nitocris as moving with "the litheness of a tiger" (p.