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Urethroplasty should be performed only if the bladder and prostate have descended sufficiently, the scar tissue has been stabilized, and the patient is able to lie in the lithotomy position. The standard technique is resection of fibrotic tissue and anastomotic repair by an elaborated perineal approach [14].
Here, we report the case of bilateral WLCS following the surgery in lithotomy position. Only anterior and lateral compartments were affected and successfully treated with single-incision fasciotomy.
Eazowski, "Over 500 obturator nerve blocks in the lithotomy position during transurethral resection of bladder tumor," Central European Journal of Urology, vol.
During the procedure, the patient was placed in the dorsal lithotomy position, vulva and vagina were cleaned with antiseptic solution, the technique avoided the use of a speculum or a tenaculum, the vagina as a cavity was distended using the hysteroscope introduced into its lower part, and the anatomy was followed up till the cervical canal onto the uterine cavity.
(2015), The levels and duration of sensory and motor blockades of spinal anesthesia in obese patients that underwent urological operations in the lithotomy position. BioMed Research International.
The dogs were placed in lithotomy position. The rectal mucosa was pulled out and fixed above the dentate line by stay sutures.
Perioperative care of the morbidly obese in the lithotomy position. AORN 92 (3), 297-311.
In asymptomatic cases, symptoms may start in later years with the carrying of heavy loads, excessive exercise, lithotomy position, childbirth, or spinal trauma.
Girls need draping and lithotomy position for a proper exam.
The patient was placed in lithotomy position and a foley's catheter was inserted.
In lithotomy position and under general anesthesia a circumcisional incision was made and the penis was degloved.