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Companies that do well are those that know whether or not they are willing and able to litigate a contested issue.
Selecting the appropriate case to litigate begins with a prompt, aggressive, and thorough investigation by the carrier's special investigation unit (SIU).
Still, Rubenstein says, "To condition someone's right to litigate on the payment of an unproven amount is unconstitutional.
The work needed to litigate a case is often seen as one task after another, with each task needing completion before one can move on to the next.
Settlement discount" is a phrase often used to convince another party to settle, rather than litigate.
In many instances, the IRS would typically litigate similar issues in other circuits, in the hope of creating a conflict between circuits that would improve its chances for Supreme Court review.
6213) lacked the capacity to litigate before the court under Tax Court Rule 60(c), and dismissed the petition.
The facts are that SafeCard's own lawyers pleaded to the Wyoming State Court that restraint of trade and monopolization claims are violations of Federal laws, even though it would have cost SafeCard's stockholders much less money in legal fees to litigate these claims in the pending Wyoming State Court.
Before this ruling, it was thought the IRS would continue to litigate the issue.
Tax Court or Court of Federal Claims) in which to litigate a partnership tax controversy
Management is considering all options available including its right to litigate an employment tax case.
The DVD is viewable on any computer or iPod (that supports video) and features 80 minutes of live video with Richard Edlin of Greenberg Traurig LLP sharing his best practices that have enabled him to litigate successfully throughout his career.