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In fact, she says, because most scientific data were developed to test a hypothesis quite different from the one being litigated, no data may possess the good "fit" that judges desire.
The settlements marked the sixth declined case in the past year that Berger & Montague has successfully litigated on behalf of the federal and state governments.
NPI will continue its pain management services to existing patients in the California litigated workers' compensation system over the next several months as each patient's treatment program is completed, but, effective immediately, no new patients in this payer category will be accepted.
NPI no longer provides service to California litigated workers' compensation system patients due to its inability to finance the related slow-paying accounts receivable in ongoing operations.
American Basis--"realistic possibility of success if litigated.
It's difficult to predict at any given time how many of these cases will be settled and how many ultimately will be litigated.
Whatever the status of a matter, litigated or not litigated, insurance carriers can ask policyholders about the history concerning a problem.
They also have litigated diverse technologies such as medical devices, industrial equipment, design automation tools, alkaline batteries, and a wide variety of consumer products.
If the taxpayer had unsuccessfully litigated the case, interest would be due on the penalties from the return's due date, including extensions, until the date of payment.
Courts scrutinize requests for injunctions, particularly injunctions that are issued before a case is litigated.
The Florida Federal Court lawsuit against Kahn and SafeCard comes on top of numerous lawsuits exposing SafeCard and other related defendants to liabilities totalling tens of millions of dollars already being litigated in Florida, Illinois, New York and Wyoming.