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variable (here, either a singly or multiply litigated patent).
He coauthored an assessment of how torts are being litigated nationally, due for release next year by the Philadelphia-based American Law Institute.
Career Highlights: Cohen has litigated civil and criminal cases and argued appeals in all of the District of Columbia's local and federal courts.
In only four of the combinations do both defendants litigate both cases; for these combinations, the payoffs are those in the "A" case above, figure 2a, which are, as explained above, adjusted to include the probability that the civil cases are preceded by guilty verdicts even though both defendants denied guilt and litigated.
Quite simply, select the lawyer whose skill set, experience, connections and track record align most appropriately with the complexity and exposure of the litigated claim.
For example, the tax manager may have received an opinion from counsel that the company's position is strong and that the company is likely to prevail if the matter is litigated.
Jay Gordon Seiden, a partner with Seiden, Stempel, Bennett & D'Agostino, who litigated the case, said: "We caught the city with their hands in the cookie jar.
While this case was litigated in federal court, it drew upon California law.
The National Taxpayer Advocate's Annual Report to Congress included a list of the most litigated issues for individual taxpayers.
Finally, the focus should shift to whether the case is litigated, with the analysis addressing amounts resolved in the taxpayer's favor and those resolved in the government's favor.