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At the end of the day, litigators want a good result for your client and can be an invaluable resource in providing advice "behind the scenes" before a dispute arises.
Too often litigators think they must cross-examine every witness, even witnesses who have nothing useful to offer.
A business should consult a commercial litigator as soon as it appears there may be a problem.
Finally, Graham explains that "distaste for opposing counsel is common," and that enough litigators take advantage of the system solely for personal riches to support the most cynical stereotypes of the profession (102-3).
Qualified plans provide tax deferral, and litigators claim that finding them with variable annuities, which enjoy tax deferral outside of a qualified plan, is redundant.
With consulting firms often guiding attorneys in the process, these computerized services allow litigators to spend more of their time planning their cases and meeting with their clients, as opposed to sorting through e-mail files.
PowerPoint for Litigators is a book that is tailored to meet
David Kessler gave the litigators when, from his perch at the Food and Drug Administration, he declared that smoking was a "pediatric disease.
In the past 18 months, our Menlo Park litigators have won multiple jury trials and dispositive motions in high-stakes cases involving intellectual property, antitrust, securities and other commercial matters.
Convincing the judge; practical advice for litigators.