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The webinar is led by an expert on advanced negotiating strategies specifically for litigators, Thomas Martin, Partner with Putney Twombly Hall & Hirson LLP, and focuses on:
Goodwin Litigators Secure Second Circuit Win for Mutual Fund Trustees in Shareholder Derivative Suit
93% of the litigators at AmLaw 200 firms and 93% of commercial litigators (not in the AmLaw 200) say they are aware of the practice of litigation funding.
Manuel Klausner--is a litigator for the Individual Rights Foundation and was a lead attorney for Californians Against Discrimination and Preferences.
The procedural chapters are of primary value to less experienced litigators.
Written by litigators, for litigators, this work goes on the short list of indispensable reference works for trial-preparation and at trial," said Robert Meriwether, partner at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP.
What Litigators Need to Know About Recent CAFA Litigation is a time efficient way to be in-the-know on the most recent decisions under the Class Action Fairness Act that will impact litigators and their clients this year.
28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Stephen Susman, a nationally known litigator based in Houston Texas, has launched TrialbyAgreement.
The most effective strategies and best practices that other leading litigators have found to be most successful for deposition preparation, including tips for preparing written materials to educate your clients about the deposition process and what they need to bring with them, when to schedule deposition preparation meetings and what needs to be discussed, tips for preparing a document binder, how to conduct a mock deposition, how to convey the importance of the deposition without making your clients too nervous, and more
Then the conversation shifts to the benefits and ethical considerations of the advanced technologies now available to litigators.
In How to Read, Negotiate & Dispute Aspects of Arbitration Provisions in Contracts as a Litigator, ExecSense examines the most effective strategies and best practices used by leading litigators to ensure that the arbitration provisions that their clients are agreeing to are consistent and in harmony with other provisions of their agreements and related agreements.