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182) Based on the current state of the law, however, it is difficult, if not impossible, for a taxpayer to litigiously enforce his or her constitutional rights against the IRS.
With university professors, a few of us worked on these walls, until they were litigiously removed.
Adverse selection may also occur with the more litigiously inclined being the most likely to purchase insurance.
To sustain a viable practice, doctors must learn how to stem patient attrition, defuse employee stress, mollify the litigiously inclined, prepare the staff for a secure retirement, scrutinize contracts and still keep pace with breaking developments in the field.
31) Gomez briskly dismisses Claverton's litigiously defensive claim that "I was never accused of making a mistake" (25), and the latter has already identified himself as one "Of the failed successes, the successful failures" (18).
Now it seems a new breed of politically correct, health and safety conscious, litigiously acute Valentine's Scrooges has emerged.