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LITRE. A French measure of capacity. It is of the size of a decimetre, or one-tenth part of a cubic metre. It is equal to 61.028 cubic inches. Vide Measure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The finance ministry stateAment claimed that the end purchasing price of petrol in term of rupee parity is significantly lower than the prices in regional markets, like India where it is available at Rs168.25 per litre; Sri Lanka Rs144.15 per litre and Bangladesh Rs168.79 per litre, respectively.
The share of distribution charges in not more than Rs3 per litre on these products.
Ogra has suggested a decrease of Rs5.63 per litre (5.8 %) in price of light diesel oil (LDO).
In a summary moved to the Petroleum Division, Ogra had proposed an increase of Rs5.15 per litre in petrol price and Rs 5.65 per litre in the price of high speed diesel.
The government increased the price of kerosene oil by Rs1.69 per litre in line with the regulator's proposal.
Last month, the government had raised the oil prices by up to Rs6 per litre for April in line with fluctuation in global oil prices.
The new price of kerosene oil reached Rs86.31 per litre after it was increased by Rs4 per litre, according to the notification.
The price of petrol is Rs 78.85 per litre and diesel is at Rs 73.60 per litre.
The price of petrol has been increased by 13 paise per litre, while diesel saw a hike of 11 paise per litre, as compared to Tuesday's prices in New Delhi.
ISLAMABAD -- The government Wednesday revised the prices of petroleum prices for the month of March 2018 and decided to increase the price of Motor Spirit (petrol) by Rs 3.56 per litre to Rs 88.07.
Summary: Prices have been lowered by 3-6 fils per litre.
SAVE ON FUEL 5p off per litre over 30 litres 3p off per litre under 30 litres SAVE ON FUEL How to claim: Simply cut out this voucher and present at any of the petrol stations listed below to claim 5p off per litre of fuel when you purchase 30 litres or more.