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In "Belief", especially, the litterateur is at his satiric best, noticing how individuals are mindlessly destroying their surroundings and works of art through politics and militarism: 'I think humanity will also in that same manner keep/ Its innate beauty though the big guns mangle/ The delicate limbs of lovers.
On the occasion, Chancellor of the Nepal Academy Bairagi Kainla said academy was ready to help the litterateurs for their literary promotion.
10) Sontag's intention in designating Barthes as litterateur can perhaps be seen as an act of generosity made by a critic who, for her own part, wishes to be remembered as a writer: Miller avers that while "Barthes wanted to be a novelist, Sontag was one, and wanted to be remembered above all as a novelist" (833).
All Kannadigas rejoiced when the rare honour of the Jnanpith Award was bestowed upon the famous litterateur Girish Karnad.
Here the ambivalence which must have provoked this curious litterateur in the first place is allowed its glimmer, in the course of a philological and comparative history of pagan and mythological images and idols (textual as well as plastic) of Pan, Bacchus, Silenus, and attendant satyrs.
He provides a wealth of illuminating detail about representative members of this elite, such as the romantic Anglophone litterateur and ardent imperialist W.
He was a fabulous man--an incredible administrator, probably the best rules man in sports history and a surprisingly deft and innovative litterateur.
De Montigny is often described in the pages of the AJCF's press campaign along the lines of "un journaliste canadien-francais, double d'un litterateur distingue.
Our noted litterateur, in particular, was much discomfited while our guest (sounding much too close to Our Narrator for intentionally fallacious comfort) discoursed upon theocracy, hypocrisy, and the Pope in the interstices.
Liang Shiqiu (1903-1987), one of Irving Babbitt's Chinese students at Harvard, was an important critic, litterateur, lexicographer and translator in twentieth-century China.
The career of Siegfried Kracauer (18891966) as litterateur was similar to that of many of his compatriots who had the misfortune of being born Jewish and coming to the height of their intellectual gifts in Germany just as Fascism took power.
Analysis from Whitaker, the onetime hustler turned litterateur.