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During the program, litterateur duo Onsari Gharti and Mamata Sharma were feted with the Abhyutthan Prativa Award.
Wagner m'a saute au cou, pour me remercier d'une brochure que j'avais faite sur Tannhauser, et m'a dit: "Je n'aurais jamais cru qu'un litterateur francais put comprendre si facilement tant de choses.
Highlights of the week are the main ceremonies, including the chairing of the litterateur and crowning of the bard, the main composer's trophy and winners of the drama and learner's medals.
Here the ambivalence which must have provoked this curious litterateur in the first place is allowed its glimmer, in the course of a philological and comparative history of pagan and mythological images and idols (textual as well as plastic) of Pan, Bacchus, Silenus, and attendant satyrs.
He was a fabulous man--an incredible administrator, probably the best rules man in sports history and a surprisingly deft and innovative litterateur.
Analysis from Whitaker, the onetime hustler turned litterateur.
He moved to London with his second wife and their children and took to the stage as Mister Walter Pelham, "English Humorous Entertainer and Litterateur," basically a stand-up comedian and mimic.
However, has there ever been a philosopher who was both a litterateur and a musician/composer?
His narrative moves as a three-part are from Russia to England and back again, taking us from Mirsky's privileged childhood and education to his early years as a Guards' officer and brilliant young litterateur in Tsarist St Petersburg, through his years on the fringes of London's literary and academic circles, on to the senseless and nightmarish literary disputes of Stalin's Moscow and the final warped confessions that his NKVD interrogator extracted over a series of nights in the Butyrka prison.
Por que tanto afan en demostrar que Breton no es sino un narrador, un creador de artificio, un litterateur, a quien, no obstante, concede usted un poder hechizante para confundir realidad y fantasia?
The danger is that we can treat him a little reductively as if he were an academic litterateur who wrote only to prove his own theory of poetry or drama right, and, say, Sidney's in Defence of Poesie wrong.
But since he is basically a litterateur by nature, he has been gifted by God with an acumen to analyse the present situation and the prevailing circumstances.