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Synonyms: Alpheus litteratus Weber, 1795; Cancer litterata Fabricius, 1798; Varuna tomentosa Pfeffer, 1889.
Thus marriage confronts Vacarius as both a functionary and a litteratus, that is, on a practical as well as on an intellectual level.
On a basic level the objective was to introduce people to the wisdom proper to a vir litteratus.
litteratus, die in letzter Zeit neu oder wiederbeschrieben wurden.
litteratus, che sono state descritte o ridescritte recentemente.
Some, however, make a distinction between litteratus and litterator, as the Greeks do between grammaticus and grammatista, using the former of a master of his subject, the latter of one moderately proficient.
AA-43048 charcoal -- AA-43049 charcoal -- AA-43052 shell Conus litteratus AA-43053 bone (distal phalange) human OS-33568 charcoal -- AA-45890 bone (rib) human AA-43054 bone (L.
per adverbium, 'homo bene peculiatus,' 'bene nummatus,' 'bene litteratus,' idest "valde"; et "'homo male dentatus' .
distinctions between religious and lay, litteratus and illiteratus' (p.
Despite its frequent coinage today, the term originates in the 19th century, and is the plural of the litteratus - acquainted with letters, from the Latin littera, letter.
Cum quo clericus quidam, Ricardus nomine, saris litteratus uultuque decorus, manebat.
In his 1516 Castilian-Latin lexicon, Antonio de Nebrija deliberately defied common usage by omitting any reference to the legal connotations of the term letrado, defining it as simply a learned man, and equating it with the Latin litteratus and the Greek grammaticos.