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I am nearly twenty-seven years old, and yet I know I am little better than a child.
In qualifying trim, I think they're a little better than us right now, but we'll keep working to try to catch them.
The monk-like powers consider him to be an animal, little better than the silent ghadi slaves.
Prisons that are little better than violence-ridden holding pens of the despised--with little to no opportunity for self-advancement, rehabilitation, yes, even penance and redemption--have become the norm in our sprawling system, currently "home" to more than 2 million of our fellow citizens, one out of every 140 of us.
The result has been 40 years of little better than lipservice to the Perrets by almost everyone except Josef Abram of Nancy.
THE FINANCIAL OUTLOOK FOR MEDICARE is a little better than the Clinton administration previously thought.
The down side is that magnets could turn out to be a waste of money, little better than a good luck charm, and some magnetized products can be very expensive.
A look at the map below shows that this image is little better than a mirage.
It sounded a little better than the computer voice in the movies that speaks in a monotone," Herman says.
As a sign of things to come, net premium growth was only a little better than half the percentage increase for 2003.