little by little

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But little by little we learn that Iwan has a wife and child and injured his leg during the war; that Diane has a partner, Rich, who is loving and tender and Telor loves the beach at Porth Neigwl.
Little by little roads are encroaching and the MNR now has to play referee while the value of remoteness dwindles he says.
"Little by little we are piecing together the evidence that Yahoo!
"I use Technorati to keep track of the buzz about WebQuests in the classroom," Dodge says, "but little by little my searches would lead to blogs with other stuff mashed together.
Little by little it was all vandalised and the council did nothing.
I hope that, little by little, without divisions or traumas, this taste for the liturgy well celebrated will gain ground.
In recent weeks, various other church leaders and surviving congregations in these heavily religious Gulf states have been gathering little by little to count their blessings--and the millions of dollars worth of damage left by the storms.
"Little by little we are ceding our holdings in these businesses to the private investor."
Living in a house in Tigre, twenty miles north of Buenos Aires--a place of rivers, islands, and canals where he escapes the city's fumes--the artist has little by little found himself possessed by the area's atmosphere of stillness.
We are returning to the experience of the first disciples of Jesus, Gautama, Guru Nanak or Mahommed, who little by little had to piece together the truth
Little by little, Matthew enlisted more than 200 volunteers to help with the spade work--students from Matthew's First Assembly Christian School, Jay R.