little by little

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New figures will show that, little by little, the thugs who blight our communities are running out of time.
Though injury rates are falling little by little, accidents in plastics plants remain well above the average for all U.
If the culture of fire continues, we are killing ourselves little by little," says Jose Romero, a Honduran environmentalist.
If a massive planet forms wholesale from the disk, rather than little by little, it may end up with an oval orbit (SN: 8/8/98, p.
Popular English religious writer and author of a sentimental novel of school life, Eric; or, Little by Little (1858).
3 : to disappear little by little <The wind died down.
Little by little I feel like IeIUm getting better every day.
Little by little, each of the children discovers an area to develop and sees future possibilities.
Based on the NAFTA dispute process "(The American bodies) clearly see that they are losing the case and little by little we are (pushing them)," he says.