little by little

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We've made a few changes in defence and little by little we are finding a solution to this.
Little by little, often with Nelly's creative problem solving, conditions improve and finally they reach Canada.
In Saiz Ruiz's earlier works chromatic masses predominated, but little by little a series of points--like imitation pixels--have come to fill the surface, so that close up it is impossible to make out a recognizable image.
Little by little the actions of people like Paul change people's perceptions.
But little by little they realized that our motivation was compassion.
And little by little over the years the death penalty has been abolished in most countries except the United States.
In her new Little by Little, She Showed Up, Susan Rethorst makes no apologies for being middle-aged.
But, little by little, the Internet as an entertainment medium will battle its way into the future.
Little by little, he and his fellow captive learn the reasons for their abduction and are horrified to discover the kidnapper is Jigsaw, a serial killer notorious for complicated crimes which offer victims a slim chance of survival - but always at a brutal price.
A "retouched self-portrait" published in 1962 presents Robert Breer--an American artist born in Detroit in 1926--with his face half-photographed and half-drawn, as though he were being absorbed little by little into his work; he sits at a table in his studio, surrounded by reels of film and strange objects virtually animated by little arrows.
Since that ruling, opponents have chipped away at it little by little.
If they were exciting several molecules, the fluorescence would fade little by little and the signal would change gradually.