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In "American Little Magazines of the 1890s and the Rise of the Professional-Managerial Class," Kirsten MacLeod challenges our understanding of the category and history of "little magazines.
This concern with equality, an issue that would be in the coming years more global than regional, confirms that Smith and Snelling, despite their publication's size and circulation, believed they were making a big difference with their little magazine.
Despite the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, Rodker self-published his first volume of poetry and he continued to publish poems and essays in the little magazines.
Others saw Umbra, one of the first black little magazines of the period, as heir apparent to the larger Afro-American journals.
And the weekly Novena Notes became a spunky little magazine handed out to novena attendees.
I sent a piece to a little magazine, called Pets' Pals, about our boxer dog and it was accepted.
There is a passion for this tiny little magazine that is awe-inspiring," King said.
In a wonderful essay on the history of the little magazine, Cyril Connolly writes that "little magazines are of two kinds, dynamic and eclectic.
The future of the little magazine that could, founded in 1980 to give people outside the Beltway an inside look at government and politics, is in flux.
Graves; New Directions in Prose and Poetry (New York: 1936--1970) included music by Pound; and another little magazine, Five Arts (Hanover, New Hampshire: 1930), issued a piano solo by H.
Yet Parallax, although it continued throughout its three numbers to function in part as a talking-shop for the self-appointed avant-garde, was not simply another little magazine on the fringes, fated to launch a few new or neglected poets into the orbit of the mainstream then die.
When you consider that all the issues we submitted to the FMA for judging were all published in our startup year of business," said Bill Semich, Editor and Publisher of Key West Magazine, "this is an astounding number of awards for our little magazine, operating here on a tiny island, with just a few hardworking and dedicated local staff, to have achieved so soon".