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These critical contexts form the backdrop for my recuperation of the broader little magazine movement of the period here in this article and in a larger project that situates these publications in the social, cultural, and literary contexts of the period.
White, Transatlantic Avant-Gardes: Little Magazines and Localist Modernism, Edinburgh University Press, 2013, pp.
They didn't think this crappy little magazine would last this long," Jaffee said from New York.
Among the Vorticists' most notable contribution to the English avant-garde was the publication of the first issue of Blast, a little magazine edited by Lewis.
Luckily for the new venture, there were many such agents, and the convenient little magazine struck a responsive note.
Like many little magazines of the period, it lasted only a short while, from 1894 to 1898, reaching a maximum circulation of 16,500, yet its influence on the little magazine movement was profound.
They began in 1961 with Negro Digest, which sometimes labeled itself a little magazine, and Liberator.
Little magazine and small press editors may make up to six nominations.
RM: Historically, the little magazine has never had a large audience.
The first poem Hemingway would publish in a little magazine, "Ultimately" is both a revision of an earlier poem and a precursor to a prose vignette, "Chapter 17" of in our time (recast as Chapter 15 of In Our Time).
I guess our little magazine got lost in the mail on the way to The New Republics editorial offices, along with those copies of The New Yorker containing Seymour Hersh's early warnings about Iraq, which relayed the misgivings of his sources--those commies over at the Pentagon and the CIA.
What a cheap stunt in an effort to sell more copies of your tedious little magazine.