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The whole subject of it was love-- a marriage of love was to be described by the gentleman, and very little short of a declaration of love be made by the lady.
And respecting language, I willingly hold communication in that spoken by my respected grandmother, Hilda of Middleham, who died in odour of sanctity, little short, if we may presume to say so, of her glorious namesake, the blessed Saint Hilda of Whitby, God be gracious to her soul
If the young woman was surprised by the sight of these natural enemies fraternizing, it was with emotions little short of fear for her own sanity that she presently saw a tall, muscular warrior enter the clearing and join the group of savage beasts assembled there.
And now, as I hear you're a little short of brandy in the fore-part, I'll offer ye a change: a bottle of brandy against two buckets of water.
Wade sat silently taking in each word, studying him with wet eyes, her lips almost blue, her breath a little short.
Of what moment was it to me, in filling the destiny of the linum usitatissimum, whether I grew in a soil a little more or a little less fertile; whether my fibres attained the extremest fineness known to the manufacturer, or fell a little short of this excellence.
To go forward over a dangerous glacier under such conditions was little short of madness; but I could not have stopped going had I known positively that death lay two paces before my nose.
it would be little short of a miracle, if she recovered.
THIS adaptation of Jonas Jonasson's novel has become little short of a phenomenon in its native Sweden, taking almost as much as the movie version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
Prosecutor Adrian Dent disagreed, saying: "This looks to me little short of attempted murder.
It would be little short of miraculous, it appears, for the pair to be spending Christmas anywhere other than in a Peruvian prison.
Sammy Clingan 6 Steady but still a little short of match fitness.