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LITTLE-KNOWN FACT: In 1912 cutlery was supplied to the doomed liner Titanic and in 1976 the company designed and supplied the first cutlery for the new supersonic Concorde.
From the Ionian philosophers of ancient Greece to the eccentric chemists and scientists who tested daringly with air through the Renaissance, Enlightenment and Industrial eras, Sherman invokes a lively, little-known chapter in Western history.
One of the best is a little-known feature of Word called Work.
Little-Known Fact--Mayor Shirley Franklin is the first female African American mayor of Atlanta and the first female African American mayor of any major city.
But Hill treats these subjects with an almost stunning comprehensiveness and grace, then adds information about two little-known nineteenth-century black theaters in New Orleans, another in Baltimore, and The Church Street Theatre "built in New York by colored folk.
American history buffs take note--you have only a few Weeks left to catch the Foothill Theatre Company's world premiere production of Bad Axe, chronicling a little-known scalping incident from the little-known Black Hawk War of 1832.
Nearly one year after nixing the club that instantly transformed little-known authors into household names, Winfrey announced that this time she will spotlight the classics.
Intended as a portrait of the man rather than a catalogue of the works, the exhibition includes little-known early photos, proofs, vintage prints, books, paintings, and drawings, and films by and about the photographer.
A little-known story by Swedish children's author Astrid Lindgren has been discovered at Stockholm's Royal Library.
LITTLE-known nooks and crannies of the Warwickshire countryside will be revealed to a wildlife group meeting in Nuneaton.
Historically, the film is certainly worthwhile as it highlights heretofore little-known events such as hungry Parisian commoners fervently seizing the reins of power to challenge the newly e lected National Assembly.
For now, Emrich is eyeing a young company focused on little-known biodiversity in wasteland in and around Minas Gerais, a hot, semi-arid region where water is scarce.