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This article examines the various maritime capacity-building measures that have been implemented to improve the littoral states' ability to meet security challenges in the Straits and improve management of the waterway.
11) Such an increase in traffic intensifies the concerns of the littoral states that they will have to devote ever increasing resources to enhance traffic management systems and prepare for the environmental fallout from shipping accidents.
Although user states have contributed financial and technical aid towards the maintenance of safety and security in the Straits, the littoral states view such assistance as disproportionate to the frequency and intensity of their use.
Increased pollution in the Straits could be especially damaging to the coastal zones and to the fisheries and tourism industries of the littoral states.
With growing global attention and rising international stakes in this key waterway, new challenges have emerged that require the littoral states to manage them in a way that satisfies the multiple, and at times conflicting, interests of various stakeholders.
15) There was immense international pressure on the littoral states to ensure ship safety in the Straits, and this triggered cooperative security measures such as coordinated naval patrols and air-sea surveillance.
If left unaddressed, these threats could destabilize security and the balance of power in the Straits, degrade its environment, affect regional and international trade, and threaten the socio-economic prosperity and territorial integrity of the littoral states.
The Navy, particularly, has been criticized for not producing detailed enough analysis on why LCS is the best and most cost-effective platform to meet littoral warfare missions.
Raytheon's team--Northrop Grumman, JJMA, Atlantic, Goodrich and Umoe--is competing with a high-speed surface-effects ship, based on Norway's littoral ship.
Lawmakers, many of whom are still angry about the administration's questionable assertions about WMD threats in Iraq, may react skeptically to statements about the Navy's need for the LCS to encounter imminent littoral threats, he said.
Before the Navy announced it in November 2001, it had resisted proposals for ships like LCS and had insisted for years that its littoral warfare programs were sufficient.
The Navy, before announcing LCS, "does not appear to have done an analysis of alternatives of multiple concepts that identified a ship like LCS as the most promising way to provide additional littoral warfare capability," O'Rourke said.