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The fully netted disposition of multimission ships is important in the operational construct for littoral combat ships.
The Navy-Coast Guard partnership associated with the transformational development and acquisition of the selected deepwater assets and the littoral combat ship will be a work in progress for many years.
The transition from a homeland security incident to a homeland defense emergency in littoral waters could take place in minutes, not hours.
The agreement the Navy and Coast Guard signed in 2002 established a working group to specify common technologies, systems, and processes critical to the design and development of the deepwater national security cutter, offshore patrol cutter, and patrol boats as well as the littoral combat ship.
The characteristics of the littoral combat ship could lead to a capable deepwater offshore patrol cutter--a hull with double the speed now contemplated.
One possible outcome is that littoral combat ships could become white-hulled with a Coast Guard stripe; another is that they could be painted gray with platforms configured for specialized systems and modular force packages.
Moreover, allies could define their own requirements, thus making littoral combat ships international assets.
Before the Navy announced it in November 2001, it had resisted proposals for ships like LCS and had insisted for years that its littoral warfare programs were sufficient.
The Navy, before announcing LCS, "does not appear to have done an analysis of alternatives of multiple concepts that identified a ship like LCS as the most promising way to provide additional littoral warfare capability," O'Rourke said.
The presence of diesel submarine and mine threats in the littoral will require that LCS be designed with ship quieting, noise monitoring and controlled anti-mine signatures.
The Littoral Combat Ship will have a flight deck and hangar for helicopters.