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Arkup LLC, a Miami-based company founded in 2016, pioneers next-generation floating homes and rethinks life on water with its fully solar-electric, mobile and self-elevating livable yachts.
Partners announced the honor as part of the Celebrating Champions of Livability national awards program, which recognizes 23 individuals, five organizations and two communities for their role in shaping a more livable, sustainable and equitable America.
Karachi has been on the list of least livable cities for years.
The list of least livable cities comprises Dakar in Senegal, Algiers in Algeria, Douala in Cameroon, Tripoli in Libya, Harare in Zimbabwe, Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea, Karachi, Lagos in Nigeria, Dhaka in Bangladesh and Damascus in Syria.
Homeowners can make their homes more livable for people of all ages by installing smart-home technology systems, such as voice-activated devices that give residents hands-free control over thermostats and lights, Cusato says.
Melbourne has been rated the world's most livable city for the sixth year running by the Economist's global livability survey.
With stray dogs making their presence highly visible in Legazpi City's airport, malls, ports, plaza, roads and everywhere; with its tricykikil; and with heavy traffic, rampant criminality and illegal drugs trade among the major problems plaguing the city, I am surprised that its officials still have the gall to call the place a livable city.
To conduct the analysis, researchers at the Johns Hopkins University Center for a Livable Future reviewed about 1,000 relevant articles and about 81 journal articles.
Auckland has once again emerged as one of the top 10 most livable cities in the world.
The issue which reached the peak by Ebenezer Howard's Garden City project in theory and then the new theory of "livable city" which aimed at solving the urban problem, improving the life quality in cities, improving the quality of urban area and urban management to make the life better and result in life condition in cities.
The fourth issue of Liveability index has unveiled the list of 50 livable Indian cities studied by the Institute for Competitiveness every year.
They cover what makes a city more livable; the empirical framework: methodology, data, and computational algorithm; the empirical findings and policy simulation; the livable city-states of Hong Kong and Singapore; and The Global Livable Cities Index in perspective.