live at

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References in classic literature ?
I had such moments myself not long ago, in Moscow and when traveling, but at such times I collapsed so that I don't live at all- everything seems hateful to me.
In a very short time after I went to live at Balti- more, my old master's youngest son Richard died; and in about three years and six months after his death, my old master, Captain Anthony, died, leav- only his son, Andrew, and daughter, Lucretia, to share his estate.
And since your window happens to be just opposite to mine, and since the courtyard between us is narrow and I can see you as you pass,--why, the result is that this miserable wretch will be able to live at once more happily and with less outlay.
Louise went into town to be a student in the Winesburg High School and she went to live at the Hardys' because Albert Hardy and her father were friends.
I think it's something passing the love of women as I feel for you, for I could be content without your marrying me if I could go and live at Snowfield and be near you.
But you wouldn't be displeased with me if things turned out so as I could leave this country and go to live at Snowfield?
The welfare reform legislation recently passed by Congress and signed by Clinton makes it clear indeed: All states will now have to mandate that teen mothers who receive public assistance not only stay in school, but live at home.
Since the Family Support Act of 1988, states have had the option of requiring parents under 18 to live at home or in some supervised adult setting in order to receive welfare.
Bon Jovi and Nettles will perform the song live on the CMA Awards live at Madison Square Garden on November 15.