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IF neighbours really are more friendly in the North, thank God I live down South.
The professional Scousers who live down south and don't do anything for Liverpool should not be on the show.
And how does the older sister of the junior high class clown live down the embarrassment of a younger brother who will do absolutely anything to get a laugh?
Obviously he couldn't find the house because he doesn't live down there,'' Harris said.
Enckelman has not been allowed to live down the awful own goal he conceded in the Midlands derby last season when he wafted at a throw-in.
Would that so-called``fans'',either of religion or football, would learn to live down the name of bigot and live up to the name of loving supporter.
The actress, whose Ab Fab finale was shown on telly last week, said she hates being recognised and tries to live down her character, Edina.