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He needed a couple of years to win a race - at Exhibition Park (now Hastings Park) in Vancouver, British Columbia - and longer to live down his reputation in California as a rough rider.
THOSE who go to the Grand National every year seem to be delighted when it comes about -but then they don't live down the road from the racecourse.
I live in Mesa, and if you've been to the Mesa park you know it's nothing to brag about, but I live down the street from it so I do the best with what I've got.
According to Cheechoo, the mining community has a poor environmental reputation to live down.
IF neighbours really are more friendly in the North, thank God I live down South.
The professional Scousers who live down south and don't do anything for Liverpool should not be on the show.
On the subject of trolleys being stolen from Tesco and dumped all over the estate, online reader David McElvaney said: "I live down south now and am not really aware of the problem, but down here they do have a way of tackling the problem by means of setting up a type of cattle grid around the car park so that you can not take the trolleys out of it
And how does the older sister of the junior high class clown live down the embarrassment of a younger brother who will do absolutely anything to get a laugh?
Obviously he couldn't find the house because he doesn't live down there,'' Harris said.