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Students who want to live off campus must be in good disciplinary standing to be accepted, and it is unlikely that students with a record of college or residence hall probation will be granted permission to live off campus.
But despite favouring pensions, only 35 per cent of workers are confident that their scheme will deliver enough income for them to live off during retirement, with 56 per cent concerned that it will not deliver enough money, 20 per cent of whom claim they are "not confident at all" in their pension scheme.
Members who live off base and pay child support will receive BAH at the "with dependents" rate.
How can anyone be expected to live off pounds 55 a week?
It's pretty good money, but I don't think many of these guys could live off of that money alone," he said.
Matrimonial specialists said the Appeal Court's decision set women back more than 50 years as it encouraged them to sit at home and live off their partner.
For better or worse, large ballet companies live off their old Russian and French story ballets--Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, Giselle.
This is the best night of my career so far but I am not going to live off this game,''enthused Marshall.
In the military, cash given to those who live off base is counted as part of one's income in determining food stamp eligibility.
You have access to these services even if you live off the reserve.
Most snakes hibernate underground in the winter and live off stored body fat.
Breeders should pay a levy, they live off racing, trainers should pay a levy, they live off racing.