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We in the North-East have a unique opportunity and if we do not grasp it we will live to regret it.
British fans told him to "toughen up" and Dame Kelly Holmes had a pop, saying the stay-away stars would live to regret their decision.
I just hope he doesn't live to regret the insanity of painting himself into a corner with his guarantee of SPL survival.
If you don't enforce camp and cabin rules, especially in the beginning, you will forever live to regret it.
By their doomed defense of segregation and white supremacy, Thurmond and his allies gave states' rights a bad name that lingers to this day, alienated many who should have joined them in the cause of limited government, and forced men and women who sought only simple justice to expedients that some may live to regret.
I tried to tell my colleagues last year that they were creating a monster they would live to regret.
This means that we are drifting towards a system that is not to the liking of the majority and we could live to regret what is happening although we have only ourselves to blame.
I only hope Pards doesn't live to regret his policy come the end of hostilities.
I think Vowerk might live to regret the sale, because TUP is an interesting stock at the moment.
I'VE heard conflicting stories about whether Chelsea will try to sign Gareth Bale - but if they don't, and he joins Manchester United or City, the champions could live to regret it.
John Terry, hang your head in shame, and, as for the decision to appoint the dubious Ferdinand as captain of the national team, likewise the FA officials and Capello should be ashamed and I have no doubt it will be a decision they will live to regret.
I am appalled that the Tory voters are hell bent on bringing Britain back to the Thatcher years and there is one thing for sure - they will live to regret it.