live together

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Forcing couple to live together in our society is creating troubles.
Today, let us all resolve that we will refuse hate, resist negative ethnicity and reject divisive politics so we can live together as one people - the people of the great nation of Kenya.
Under Jewish law, couples cannot live together without a ketubah, a document established during the Talmudic era to protect women's rights in a marriage.
David Matthews, defending, said it was her case that they did not live together as man and wife.
It was easy to live together in this village before.
One option for couples who live together but do not marry is to sign a legally binding cohabitation agreement.
An official at Sharjah Police said the arrest came two days after the launch of a campaign targeting couples who live together illegally.
In a statement, the comedians' PR representative Neil Reading said the couple made the decision six months ago but had continued to live together in "constant discussion".
INCREASINGLY couples live together, or cohabit, without marrying or entering into a civil partnership.
Muslims and Christians will continue to live together in Mosul," the clergy said in a release received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
SEPARATING couples are being forced to live together thanks to the adverse economic climate, despite the breakdown of their relationships, More than one in four couples, 28% according to a new survey, who split up have no choice but to continue living together, says a survey by house and flatshare website EasyRoommate.
Do Americans believe that couples who live together before they walk down the aisle have better marriages?