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Engineer Paul Farley told the inquest in Cardiff: "Over time the cable had worn exposing the live wire.
These idiotic criminals are also putting the lives of the public and the police at risk however, as exposed live wires could obviously kill anyone who comes into contact with them, be they dog walkers, police officers attending a crime report, or workers for the electricity companies themselves who are making repairs.
Continuous rains have wreaked havoc in Karachi, crippling its infrastructure, submerging major traffic arteries and low-lying areas, disrupting power supply and snapping live wires.
Having won the Shell Live WIRE Award for the North East of Scotland Young Entrepreneur of the year last year, Stuart is one of 18 nominees to have reached the finals of the Grampian Awards for Business Enterprise.
Shell live WIRE - the UK's longest-running support service for young people starting, or running, a business has launched its 2006 Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.
In 2004 he was awarded the prestigious Shell Live Wire Entrepreneur of the Year award for his business.
In Watching the Play, 2004, Li transforms a famous photograph of President Nixon and Jiang Qing (a political live wire who was also Mao's second wife) into a kaleidoscopic patchwork that blurs the line between mark making and figuration.
Put a clamp around both wires, with the cast saddle on the live wire.
Father-of-three Raymond Biggerstaff was mystified when he returned home from work to find wires - including a naked live wire - hanging out of a box on the side of his house, and that the phone line had been cut off.
James, eight, watched as Gemma Hayes grasped a live wire that had been severed by the blades of an electric lawnmower.
There was a live wire near the office due to which current could flow inside the pool of water.