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Live-in or cohabitation relationship, though prevalent mostly in metro cities in India, brings out an important aspect, namely that of legal rights and obligations for live-in partners comparable to those who undergo a social marriage ceremony.
If they are mothers, they may have arranged what Sotelo has described as "transnational motherhood." The children remain behind in the mother's native land, often with grandmothers or other family members, until the live-in moves up this very short career ladder to the next rung-- a live-out housekeeper and nanny.
CITING the rise in common-law relationships or 'live-ins' in the Philippines, the chairman of the House Committee on Revision of Laws is pushing for the passage of a bill seeking to give members of the House of Representatives and provincial governors authority to solemnize marriage.
Citing the increasing number of common law relationships or "live-ins" in the country, the House Committee on Revision of Laws has jumpstarted its deliberation on a measure granting members of the House of Representatives and provincial governors the authority to solemnize marriage.
During a hearing on Tuesday, Primicias-Agabas noted there had been an increase in common law relationships or 'live-ins' due to 'financial challenges, monetary difficulty, remoteness of the place of the couple or the difference in the religious beliefs.'
Hefner tied the knot three times, and he admitted that after his separation from his exes, he had multiple live-ins. But he stressed that he didn't cheat when he was married.
I read again that my brother, Duncan, was fifteen months old at the time of the Wolfe Christmas visit (81n209), my not knowing his actual age; and I read that "a maid" cleaned up after Tom was "sick" (80-81), reminding me that we had, until long after my mother left the house, what was referred to by our racially dysconscious era as "live-ins." These were women of color from the city, some of whom I remember because they bathed me and told me to dry between my toes lest my toes stick together.