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Groups like DWA are sorely needed, Hondagneu-Sotelo notes, because though housekeepers are covered by federal wage and hour laws, workers who care for children and the elderly are not, and live-ins are not covered by rules mandating extra pay for overtime work.
This same man, at the beginning of the year, had invited members of our option to volunteer the help of our "siblings, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, and live-ins," at a skating party the faculty was running.
The children remain behind in the mother's native land, often with grandmothers or other family members, until the live-in moves up this very short career ladder to the next rung-- a live-out housekeeper and nanny.
This long established and profitable company specializes in hourly and live-in care.
Hefner tied the knot three times, and he admitted that after his separation from his exes, he had multiple live-ins.