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The new study found marriage was less likely to survive to the 10- and 15-year mark among couples who weren't engaged when they lived together -- findings similar to earlier research.
However, nearly as many either believe such couples are more likely to get divorced (31%) or say it makes no difference whether a couple has lived together (13%).
TWO elderly sisters who have lived together all their lives are challenging UK inheritance laws which deny them the same rights as couples.
They went to school together, worked together and lived together for 30 years after their husbands died.
It's an area where Jews and Arabs have lived together for years,'' Migdali said.
The lives of the newly freed people on the land Israel Hill is revealed in Israel on the Appomattox: A Southern Experiment in Black Freedom from the 1790s Through the Civil War, an in-depth survey of how free black and white folk lived together for decades.
Regardless of how long you have lived together, you have very few rights, '' say the organisers of the campaign, which was launched last year with government funding to help increase awareness of the legal issues that affect those who cohabit rather than marry.
It's always been like that, all those years we lived together.
Also, couples who lived together before marriage were more likely to divorce.
RL: We lived together for some time, in Buffalo and New York.
White and black people lived together, worked together, had children together--but not as equals.