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With a False Acceptance Rate (FAR) of 1 in 10 thousand and liveliness detection, FotoNation face recognition solution delivers enhanced security.
Liveliness, she quips, is "next to godliness" (51).
Sample scored low on 3 personality factors that are reasoning (4%), Emotional Stability (4%) and Liveliness (8%).
The flower, however, is representing the liveliness in contrast to cold autumn colours; life, as a matter of fact, is still tenacious,” Ms.
For many, it's just about adding warmth liveliness through freshly done walls, pastel hues and cozy corners.
In a hectic life that exhausts energies in pursuit of a decent living, parental bonds with children are usually taken for granted missing the liveliness, which at times is so necessary to invigorate this relationship.
In this study, which Prof Dotson sadly did not live to see published, she sets out 'to demonstrate the conceptual liveliness and versatility of this architect and the dramatic interaction he sets up between his buildings and even the most casual visitor'.
If Doncaster's finishing ability matched their liveliness then the scoreline could have been much different.
and Joseph's (Australian National Wildlife Collection, CSIRO, Canberra) text provides a "taster" for bird lovers and students interested in gaining some insight beyond a simple enjoyment of birds for their beauty, liveliness, or rarity.
8 Dan Baker and the liveliness of full-back Nicky Thomas.
Hegel's defense of modern post-romantic art is based on his concept of liveliness (Lebendigkeit).
Next IT's ActiveAgent for Live Chat solution, the company says, "combines the best of virtual agent intelligence with the liveliness, helpfulness and personality of a company's best employees.