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Senegal's M'Baye Niang said: "Japan have a style of game based on liveliness. It's up to us to be vigilant."
'Felicitate masses of city of Quaid on having a Karachi full of lights, liveliness, supports and peaceful Karachi in place of extortion, terrorism and city engulfed by dark', she tweeted.
All four sections will fit into place to offer the viewer a window into Papademas' personal world of freedom, sensuality, finesse, liveliness and optimism.
Apart from the food, the memory that sticks most in my mind is of the atmosphere; an element of vibrancy and liveliness could be felt as one took in the sights and sounds of the area which would be hustling and bustling at even 1:00 in the morning!
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior official with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) says signature of the newly-devised oil contracts will spur offshore oil and gas industries on to liveliness.
Reading Calvin closely, as did Diehl, Waldron reminds us of the import of "lively" images and how Reformers juxtaposed such liveliness to "dead" images like statues.
Individuals scored low on 3 factors that are reasoning (4%), Emotional stability (4%) and Liveliness (8%).
Commenting on the liveliness of his performance, she added: "He was quite lively growing up, but I thought that was phenomenal."
First, I examine and grade the colour, size and density of the leaf, then I assess the brew's purity of colour (its sparkle), the weight of the tea in the mouth (its body) and the overall liveliness of the tea.
Frances Christie, Sotheby's spokeswoman said that the late English artist was a master at depicting the liveliness of a daily life, and he really captured the everyday hustle and bustle of the crowds in the painting.
The unique colourful design on the eggs, which sets out to capture a spirit of liveliness and fun, is inspired by Faberge's dynamic and exuberant Spiral Egg collection.
The flower, however, is representing the liveliness in contrast to cold autumn colours; life, as a matter of fact, is still tenacious,” Ms.