lively pace

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Afridi and Hafeez are miserly 20-over spinners who could extract turn from a dry pitch while Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Irfan and Imran Khan are lively pace options for Pakistan.
Wagg bowled at a lively pace and two overs later dismissed Gareth Roderick who struck a lifting delivery low down to cover.
She sets a lively pace with anecdotes that showcase praiseworthy corporate cultures.
Conditions were warm and humid for the 25 riders who lined up for the E/F/G veteran race that set off at a lively pace, with Meechan taking second place in the early lap prime before two riders broke clear to win the second prime and instigate the winning five-man man move.
The early afternoon session produced the most compelling cricket as Hogan summoned up lively pace from the Ashley Down Road End.
Once your interest is sparked, you will set a lively pace.
Sydney, Dec 27 ( ANI ): British journalist and talk-show host Piers Morgan has reportedly 'just about' survived a lively pace attack from Australian legend Brett Lee in the nets at the MCG after arrogantly claiming that he can 'ruin a great Australian career and legend'.
As has become the norm at Eastlands, they began at a lively pace.
For India's top order batsmen, there is also the challenge from Nuwan Kulasekara who, with his whippy open-chested action, is generating a lively pace.
He bowled a tight line at a lively pace to take two wickets in an initial Pakistan collapse, which saw them slip from 46 for no wicket to 75 for four, then had a spell of five for five as the lower order and tail crumbled.
Champions Gateshead SC (50) are still setting a lively pace at the top of the table.
Features of the good teaching include a lively pace, good subject knowledge, very clear feedback to individuals and lively and interesting tasks for pupils.