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In der Tat hat Sjogren die Namen der Liven nach den Regeln der Orthografie, die zur damaligen Zeit auch fur die lettische Sprache galten, zu Papier gebracht.
Combined with breadcrumbs they make a great coating before frying or a tasty crust for any meat or fish and you can liven up rice dishes with your own paste made from Spicentice Rub, soy sauce and butter.
BUNTING INTO A BUCKET IS a skill progression that can be used to liven up your daily practice routine.
I'm grateful to Sarah, aka The Chart Lady, for the infographics that liven up our pages and for the help she gives Susan in designing each issue.
AN Irish community has called in the services of a donkey to liven up their Sunday masses.
But beware: There's a fine line between initating a liven debate and igniting an intellectual bomb that could blow up in your face.
To follow through on the "thumbs-up and thumbs-down" analogy, and to liven things up, Elliot will engage J.
But there's nothing like a celebrity link to liven up a finance story.
CREWE 0 BRADFORD 1 PETER TAYLOR reckons he can liven up sleeping giant Bradford with a promotion push next season.
She is not boring and she's always doing things to liven up the House.
You've got to liven him up, put the fear of God into him, mate, and he knows it's only down to you he's walking about and breathing fresh air.
HAND-KNIT HOMES: Make your house a cozy home with hand-knits that liven up the decor of any room.