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EXTRACT. A part of a writing. In general this is not evidence, because the whole of the writing may explain the part extracted, so as to give it a different sense; but sometimes extracts from public books are evidence, as the extracts from the registers of births, marriages and burials, kept according to law, when the whole of the matter has been extracted which relates to the cause or matter in issue.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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We used [sup.1]H-NMR-based metabolomics of aqueous liver extracts to evaluate the metabolic profiles of WT male (Figure 3B) and female (Figure 3D) mice fed control or pesticide chow for 52 wk.
TABLE 1 PROTEIN CONCENTRATION AND SPECIFIC ENZYMATIC ACTIVITY OF THE LIVER EXTRACTS Protein concentration (mg/mL) Liver sample Extract Control Lean Fatty Plain homogenate 31 [+ o -] 2 42 [+ o -] 2 68 [+ o -] 2 Metalloprotease 44 [+ o -] 1 41 [+ o -] 1 61 [+ o -] 1 Cathepsin 59 [+ o -] 2 60 [+ o -] 2 79 [+ o -] 1 Specific activity (a,b) (U/mg) Liver sample Extract Control Lean Fatty Plain homogenate 1.7 [+ o -] 0.1 1.4 [+ o -] 0.1 3.0 [+ o -] 0.1 Metalloprotease 12.4 [+ o -] 0.3 8.5 [+ o -] 0.3 20.5 [+ o -] 0.4 Cathepsin 10.2 [+ o -] 0.1 7.2 [+ o -] 0.3 21.5 [+ o -] 0.5 (a) Mean values from triplicates [+ o -] s.d.
We thank the cell and tissue imaging core facility of Institut Federatif de Recherche Therapeutique de Nantes for preparing tissue microarrays; Ghislaine Le Gall-Recule, Anses, Ploufragan, Pedro Esteves, and Joana Abrantes for providing whole liver extracts of infected animals; and Lorenzo Capucci for providing monoclonal antibody 2G3.
Liver extract has also demonstrated remarkable results in the treatment of chronic hepatitis.
Liver extract with B-complex (Belamyl (a)) 10 ml i/m alternate day for 3 days as supportive therapy.
The massive hepatic necrosis was managed by administration of N-acetylcysteine and Silymarin along with ursodeoxycholic acid and liver extract. Following treatment, focal hepatic lesion were found to decrease significantly and totally disappeared after 3 months based on ultrasonographic examination, though liver remained hyperechoic in echotexture due to hepatic lipidosis.
Gerson specified the "crude liver Extract" (Lilly) which was quite dark brown.
ALT activity in the liver extract was undetectable (<1 U/g of wet tissue, reference interval 50-70 U/g), whereas normal activities of alkaline phosphatase, [gamma]-glutamyltranspeptidase, and AST were found.