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To personal irritation at Saint-Saens's liverish temperament (the late Martin Cooper, a British musical journalist of considerable wit and patchy erudition, described the Frenchman as having died "full of years and malice") was added, especially after his death, resentment at his proud anti-modernist stance.
The meat below the skin was grey and overcooked so that it had an almost liverish texture.
Poets John Betjeman found it a source of inspiration for Pershore Station, or A Liverish Journey First Class.
IN his liverish letter, Kevin O'Keefe makes some interesting suggestions on how to save public money.
Lynn's teriyaki duck was despised - the sauce dismissed as over-sweet and the hapless bird as over-cooked and of liverish texture.
They rarely quote the whole poem they refer to: Pershore Station, Or A Liverish Journey First Class.
The duck and Cointreau parfait was a rather liverish light pate with several layers of taste,attractively served and presented.
He has the social fantasists, the Lib Dems led by Mr Clegg, to deal with and the liverish rednecks in his own party.