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The most disappointing aspect of Eight Lives Down is that it paints a stereotypical portrait of the EOD Soldier as an adrenaline junky, a cross between self-appointed hero and God, rather than the highly dedicated, well-trained professionals that I knew during my 28-year career as a U.
It's just so overwhelming to think that somebody could do something like that to a small child," said Archie Price, 71, who lives down the street from the home of Amber's grandparents, where the girl had been playing before her disappearance.
Ramallo, a cutie who's quite a popular young actor in Spain, ably shoulders the sexual confusion and excitement of Dani, who tries to figure out his feelings for Nico and flirts with the possibility of seducing the hunky writer (Chisco Amado) who lives down the street.
To serve our soldiers, who put their lives down for us, and support their families is an extraordinary honor," echoed Roos.
I heard the loud pops and screaming,'' said Lisa McManis, who lives down the street.
Record temperatures of 113degF (45degC) have claimed more than 20 lives Down Under, fuelled raging bushfires and buckled train tracks.