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Meat is obtained by snuffing out the life of another living being that wants to continue to live.
By whole, we consider for instance, a substantial part of the brain of a living being responsible by its memory.
I am just saving some living beings who have been forced to live on their own in this critical weather.
It is those who see art only in terms of realistic or abstract depictions of living beings and all things associated with them that distinguish words from the rest of the visual creations.
We like to imagine the relationships among living beings as a no holds barred struggle for survival, a twisted vision of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, conveyed by the political and economic doctrine of social Darwinism.
Around the world animal circuses - as well as other institutions that imprison living beings for human entertainment - are on the decline, and PETA is rejoicing.
The Vice President said that Makar Sankranti Festival is also an occasion to revitalize our lives through prayers and reverence for rivers and all living beings.
Air pollution can be dealt with the help of green technology because it's environment friendly and is not a threat to all living beings.
She describes the beautiful choreography of these three doshas as they manifest, not just in the individual, but in the seasons, times of day, and life stages of all living beings.
It's, therefore, the duty of the people, those who care about other living beings and plants, to protect them.
This one is based on "making oddkin," which is her shorthand for building new forms of relations with other living beings, all other living beings, from bacteria and fungi to pigeons and insects.