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The day is not too far for God to plan a scheme to destroy all these pseudo religionists and cast an irreversible blow to wipe them off this earth, which was created for all living beings to live in harmony.
Besides this, living beings which exhibit the property of to replicate, must have this feature encoded in its memory.
They strongly convey the feeling that these forms are living beings from a distant past, possibly merged with natural but lifeless rock forms.
I hold that all living beings have interests, as evidenced by their efforts to flourish and survive, and to disregard these interests would be arrogant, self-serving and speciesist.
The law should catch up and reach out its arm of protection to embrace those living beings we know to be with us.
Note explaining the processes used to implement weed control in areas where regulations prohibit phytosanitary and methods used to limit the impact of chemicals on the environment and living beings in accordance with regulations.
Chief Secretary Mohammad Siddiq Memon addressing the participants of the meeting said implementation of the law was a must and thus needed measures must be expedited for the larger sake of safe environment and associated life quality of all living beings.
Of course we care about live animals, but if we become used to a robotic companion that doesn't need food, water or exercise, perhaps it will change how humans care about other living beings.
Natural disaster and the machinations of a malevolent, dominating entity threaten to eradicate the very air living beings need to breathe.
The best expenses we can make are those that will please our Supreme Lender and bring happiness to other living beings.
It is the belief that the universe and living beings originate from acts of divine creation.
Apparently though I am not alone as I looked this up and found that in a survey, car owners tend to personify their cars to the point that the relationship with them mirrors relationships with living beings in their lives.