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It's come to this: Sacramento, forever living down the image of being Mayberry to the giant metropolis's most other teams call home, took its small-town insecurity to a dark level when the scoreboard at Arco Arena flashed pictures of abandoned buildings, burned-out cars, piles of rubble and other negative images of Detroit when Pistons players were being introduced at a recent game.
In response to weekend reports the couple are now finished forever, his agent Wes Saunders said: "Paul is up in the North East at the moment, and Sheryl is living down in Hertfordshire.
For all their intimidating history and obscene spending, the pinstripers are going to have a hard time living down the way they lost Game 5 of the A.
For now, that life includes training for the Gay Games in Sydney, starting acting classes, and living down his least favorite moments of When Boys Fly: The shopping montage seems particularly troubling to him.