living expenses

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Residents should review their policies to see if they have coverage for additional living expenses.
The insured has provided a list of damages he feels he is owed under additional living expenses since all his limits have been exhausted.
The new student aid program would make the California Student Aid Commission the most generous in the country by covering living expenses like books and transportation, which is estimated to account for 60 percent of the cost of attending University of California system schools, the Los Angeles Times (http://www.
Are you charging routine living expenses like gasoline, groceries, clothes, but not paying off the total credit card debt at the end of the month?
Citizens complain that they don't feel the lower prices, showed in the statistics, to the contrary, their living expenses are even higher and they cannot indulge in basic products in the markets.
The taxpayer is unable to meet ordinary and necessary living expenses (hardship ccs 24-32);
People aged 50 typically spend PS5,020 a year on housing costs such as mortgage or rent, PS7,030 on living expenses and around PS1,230 on education, the research carried out among 2,000 people found.
Last year they had an average of pounds 16 left over each month after paying for living expenses.
Rule: One should keep enough cash to fund living expenses for three to six months.
STUDENT Shave seen their weekly living expenses rise by five per cent in the past year, a survey claims.
To them, a large sum of money at that stage in life may seem more viable than a monthly sum of money which helps and supplements daily living expenses and allows for basic necessities.
Haber believes that the dramatic increase in seniors turning to reverse mortgages is a result of traditional retirements tools--such as IRAs, pensions, and 401(k)s--not providing sufficient income to help fund everyday living expenses and healthcare requirements.