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You are her only child; you have been under my care since the sad event at Cheltenham; you are twenty-one years old on the second of August next; and, corpulence excepted, you are the living image of your mother.
Living image of himself, you will defeat the conspiracy of Mazarin and Anne of Austria.
Tino Villanueva weaves an intricate tapestry in which the reader finds a living image of the world as experienced by Penelope in The Odyssey.
Living images of God the Redeemer consist of manifestations of God and Christ in the Law, visions and dreams of the patriarchs and prophets, temple, tabernacle, ark, gospel, expressions of piety in the church, as well as, of course, the incarnation of Jesus Christ as the living image of God.
This toolkit, comprising the new Living Image Multi-Modality Software Module and the Mouse Imaging Shuttle, provides for integration of data from Caliper's IVIS optical imaging systems with data from Caliper's Quantum FX microCT as well as data from third-party microCT, MRI, PET and SPECT instruments.
With regard to the priest's configuration to Christ, bridegroom of the Church, Pastores dabo vobis states, "The priest is called to be the living image of Jesus Christ, the spouse of the Church.
The Baby Ultrasound Company has been producing 3D photographs of babies in the womb to private patients since 2002, but now has 4D technology, allowing it to record a living image on DVD.
Her husband, whom they had never met, proved to be a talkative, egotistic type who thought his two-year-old son was a genius and the living image of himself.
Spectacular Living Image XL Solutions for Major Sports Arenas, Large Trade
Spectacular Living Image XL for Major Sports Arenas, Large Trade Show Booths,
In the second and longest part, Zachman discusses Calvin's construction of the living images of God the Redeemer.
THE specifications and performance are almost identical to the Living Images frame, but this one has the bonus that it automatically resizes images to fit the 640x480 high res screen saving you hassle.

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