living image

See: alter ego
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You are her only child; you have been under my care since the sad event at Cheltenham; you are twenty-one years old on the second of August next; and, corpulence excepted, you are the living image of your mother.
Add to this her short nose, her plump cheeks that set wrinkles at defiance, her white hair dressed in stiff little curls; and, if a doll could grow old, Lady Lydiard, at sixty, would have been the living image of that doll, taking life easily on its journey downwards to the prettiest of tombs, in a burial-ground where the myrtles and roses grew all the year round.
A minute or two more, and the image of the person in whom those events had all centered became a living image in my memory.
Living image of himself, you will defeat the conspiracy of Mazarin and Anne of Austria.
He had the brightest little black eyes, and little black ringlets all over his head; he was the living image of his father, everybody said--and Jurgis found this a fascinating circumstance.
My English horse, which has just disappeared amid a cloud of dust, has furnished me with a living image of the fragility of the things of the earth.
I go this morning to the Cats' House, and there I see a cat which is either lost Alexander or his living image.
There was a woman's face painted on the china, and he told me it was the living image of
There stood Miss Fairlie, a white figure, alone in the moonlight; in her attitude, in the turn of her head, in her complexion, in the shape of her face, the living image, at that distance and under those circumstances, of the woman in white
And Ernest, on the other hand, was moved and agitated by the living images which the poet flung out of his mind, and which peopled all the air about the cottage-door with shapes of beauty, both gay and pensive.
Tino Villanueva weaves an intricate tapestry in which the reader finds a living image of the world as experienced by Penelope in The Odyssey.
Living images of God the Redeemer consist of manifestations of God and Christ in the Law, visions and dreams of the patriarchs and prophets, temple, tabernacle, ark, gospel, expressions of piety in the church, as well as, of course, the incarnation of Jesus Christ as the living image of God.

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