living place

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The several big palaces I had explored were mere living places, great dining-halls and sleeping apartments.
It is quite difficult for students to find a reasonable living place at affordable rates,' he added
With scant evidence due to Angus's restraint and love of solitude, Mary succeeds in writing her uncle's biography in "Largie Castle: A Rifled Nest", a tour de force account giving her uncle a living place in the British narrative.
Hotel purchasing is like decorating your second home with all the bits and bobs that you could never have in your actual living place.
A holiday trip, a business trip or any other outing, travelers can find a perfect living place in StayPleasure and can take advantage of the best accommodations with comfortable facilities for a perfect stay at low prices.
To attract this energy to flow into your living place, add an indoor plant and position this in the east side of the home or office.
Israel claims demolition of homes to be a dissuasive policy, while criticisms raise the fact that this collective punishment impacts families who see their property and living place destroyed.
The educational background and other attributes such as living place and gender are also evaluated together to improve the results.
dollars on the Gaza Strip from 2010 to 2014, stressing that without the support of the UN and the European Union, Gaza won't be a living place.
This means that nobody, whatever their sex, age, social conditions or living place, should have to experience inadequate hygiene conditions.
For Acoma's miracle is not merely that it endures, but that it remains a vital, living place, more than 800 years after its first residents settled a mesa 400 feet in the sky.
Older people don't want to live in a 'care facility,' they want to live in a living place," she explained.

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