living quarters

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Outlaw builds the industry's premier horse trailer living quarters conversions.
Similarly, rentals of living quarters with no services provided to the tenants would also not be included.
The White House said an aide to the first lady found them on a table in the White House living quarters.
Investors in the Upper West Side brownstone market include families looking for expanded living space and rental income to offset mortgage costs; Wall Street brokers and professionals looking for combination living quarters and office space; out-of-state buyers looking for both an investment opportunity as well as possible apartments for relatives and friends studying and working in the city; foreigners buying foreclosure properties; and a host of other young i investor/professionals looking to take advantage of the true neighborhood flavor of the Upper West Side.
These structures include jackets and deck sections of fixed production platforms; hull and/or deck sections of floating production platforms (such as tension leg platforms ("TLPs")), "SPARs and FPSOs", piles, wellhead protectors, subsea templates and various production, compressor and utility modules, offshore living quarters, tanks and barges.
Major components of the Additional Oil Recovery (AOR) project include a gas compression complex plus seven associated platforms, including crew living quarters, and more than 100 miles (161 kilometers) of new pipeline for natural gas gathering and distribution.
QP's turnkey project includes the engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning of a living quarters platform and power upgrade module for the complexes.
They also comprise a living quarters platform to accommodate 90 people and house the central control room as well as a flare platform and bridges.