living soul

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You get a pertater and go out under the full moon, cut the pertater in two, rub your warts with one half and say, 'One, two, three, warts, go away from me.' Then rub them with the other half and say, 'One, two, three, four, warts, never trouble me more.' Then bury the pertater and never tell a living soul where you buried it.
Whilst the wax-lights were burning in the castle of Blois, around the inanimate body of Gaston of Orleans, that last representative of the past; whilst the bourgeois of the city were thinking out his epitaph, which was far from being a panegyric; whilst madame the dowager, no longer remembering that in her young days she had loved that senseless corpse to such a degree as to fly the paternal palace for his sake, was making, within twenty paces of the funeral apartment, her little calculations of interest and her little sacrifices of pride; other interests and other prides were in agitation in all the parts of the castle into which a living soul could penetrate.
I believe we met no living soul on the high road which we followed for the first three miles or more.
"Return at five o'clock and I will tell you; but do not breathe to a living soul, sir, the rendezvous which I give you."
Each clasping the other round the waist they promenaded over the dry bed of fir-needles, thrown into a vague intoxicating atmosphere at the consciousness of being together at last, with no living soul between them; ignoring that there was a corpse.
As I am a living soul, I thought I saw him sink into the earth." "Indeed, you saw right," answered Jones.
Well, I grew up,--long years and years,--no father, no mother, no sister, not a living soul that cared for me more than a dog; nothing but whipping, scolding, starving.
Suppressed sobs rent her bosom and suddenly burst out in weeping and walling, then she pressed closer into the pillow: she did not want anyone here, not a living soul, to know of her anguish and her tears.
Yet, save our- selves, there did not seem to be a living soul on Maybury Hill.
'I never was unkind to a living soul,' replied the Admiral.
I bent forward softly; looking by little and little further and further through the opening of the door, until my head and shoulders were fairly inside the room, and my eyes had convinced me that no living soul, sleeping or waking, was in any part of it at that particular moment.
And there isn't a living soul I can ask to help me but you.