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Instant Access Properties spokesman Pierre Williams said: "Our research shows that living space is becoming an increasingly important factor in the house-buying decision.
A smart and interactive living space won't be a dream anymore, when the building makes decisions for us by automatically reacting to our physical conditions and emotions," Wu said.
For the latest in conservatory living, the Casa Prestige incorporates the latest innovative technology including insulated pelmets, offering a thermally-efficient extension of your living space that will remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Serenity Health acknowledges that it may not be feasible for residents in some states to count on the expansion onto a porch or deck for year round living space.
Wates Living Space, 25 flats, Site 40, Rawthorpe WMC, Rawthorpe Lane, Rawthorpe.
The importance of living space to the city's homeowners is also clear with nearly half (48%) of local homeowners saying they are fed up of small and pokey properties, according to the `Price of Space' report(ii) by Instant Access Properties.
Looking down onto the lower level in one of the duplex starter homes' An impression of the two level living space in an i:Life studio house' Living space in an i:Life starter home by David Wilson.
One in the living space and one within the wall cavities--each of which are working hard to waste your hard-earned-money all winter long.
These days couples and families need flexible accommodation, with living space that can be transformed for a variety of uses, whether it be an exercise room, playroom, quiet retreat, studio, nursery, home office or guest suite offering privacy for visitors.
Designers use terms like ``terrace,'' ``loggia'' and ``sun room,'' but they're just talking about gussied-up porches and patios designed to extend our living space.
Eight residents elected to live in the Household area in four private and two double rooms arranged around the light, airy living space, with residents already living in those rooms given first option.
Combining the functionality of indoor leisure space with the beauty and vitality of shade trees, waterfalls and other natural landscape elements, an outdoor living space becomes an extension of the homeowner's lifestyle," said Michelle Sahlin, managing director of the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA).