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LOCAL. Pertaining to a place; something annexed to the freehold or tied to a certain place; as, local courts, or courts whose jurisdiction is limited to a particular place; local allegiance, or allegiance due while you are in a particular place or country; local taxes, or those which are collected for particular districts.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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NEW Cafe Lo-Cal SLIM CHANCE Jeanette and Steven lost a combined 9 stone in 22 months FULL FIGURE Steven and Jeanette's wedding day WEIGH TO GO Jeanette Thompson after her weight loss
GUIUAN, Eastern Samar -- Lo-cal officials in Homonhon island have declared the president of a mining firm as persona non grata following a failed takeover of a mining site here.
CEBU CITY - A leading bulk water company in Cebu is offering its excess water production to people and lo-cal government units affected by El Nino in Cebu and other parts of the country where it has outlets.
Gutoc also called on provincial lo-cal government officials to prepare for possible water shortages, since this phenomenon "does not only happen in Manila."
Harrelson's strutting, loud-mouthing machismo delivers an energy absent from everywhere and everyone else (especially the dull Crudup) with the sole exception of Texas swing legend Don Walser whose singing is one of the few Hi-points in this otherwise Lo-cal western.
Not even lo-cal heroes Steve Harmi-son, Paul Collingwood and Liam Plun-kett could halt the Sri Lankan surge.
"Part of this 'smart cityscaping' is the San Juan City app, which will bring the lo-cal government closer to the people.
Mum of two HELEN HAMILTON, 36, from Stockport, dropped from a size 18 to a trim size 12 in just eight months after munching lo-cal versions of her favourite spicy dishes.