load down

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Tomorrow's match starts at 8pm, to give Heeley and his supporters (who are bringing a bus load down) a little bit of extra time.
With the charging energy [E.sub.vn] = 4433659.983 J gained during gravity skidding of the carriage and load down the slope, the mechanical flywheel will rotate at the speed of 25146.802 revolutions per minute.
The series was written in magazine style, so reporter Lee Hancock and her editors didn't want to load down the narrative with quotes and attributions.
"They could not fight back because the gliders were unarmed, and whatever firepower was directed at them the pilots had to ignore it and get on with the job of getting the glider and its load down in one piece," he said.
Braking a fast-moving scraper or dump truck with a full load down a 20 percent grade burns off rubber like a hot rod taking off from a dead stop.
These days, chains are tripping over each other to load down their shakes with extra calories.
"What I take from these data is that the first objective should be to get the viral load down," Dr.
You open your passenger-side windows, set the hooks in the openings, lock' em in place with Bungee cords, tie your load down, then drive away.