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2 : to supply abundantly <Newspapers loaded her with praise.
According to the general requirements, a stack of crushed cars loaded on a flatbed should require no more than three tie-downs with an aggregate WLL of at least 6,000 pounds.
From the desktop computer, create a CD for each folder that is being loaded to the MSD.
Indentors of cone, sphere and flat sphere shapes were loaded at axial force into a representative rubber material (NR with sulfur cure system and carbon black fillers) and turned 200[degrees] against it at room temperature (RT).
Transporters with the Rhine River Detachment loaded equipment in barges at Bamberg, Aschaffenburg and Mannheim during the last two weeks of January.
This paper describes the behavior and failure modes of joints loaded with dynamic forces that simulate hurricane wind and impact loads on residential structures.
Thousands of other financial centers and corporations were shut down or severely slowed as the virus spread world-wide, many sites losing millions of dollars as thousands of networks and applications were loaded beyond their limits.
This results in an emergency panel being loaded with noncritical equipment for which emergency power generation during an outage is unnecessary.
In accordance with the stow plan and unique ship characteristics, we loaded all light vehicles and personnel carriers with the heavier pieces being loaded at the end.
A metal ball on a pivoted arm loaded against a rubber flat will indstill to a considerable distance.
Walker estimates that around 1,500 tons of cargo can be loaded onto a river barge, far more than can be loaded on a truck or a gondola car, meaning that moving ferrous scrap by barge is less expensive on a per-ton basis.