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To curtail or diminish, as, for example, to dock a person's wages for lateness or poor work. The cage or enclosed space in a criminal court where prisoners stand when brought in for trial.

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an enclosed space in a court of law where the accused sits or stands during trial.
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* Dock levelers: Traditional dock levelers are anchored in a pit that is built on the end of the loading dock and is open to the outside.
* Has anyone in the company ever asked someone on the loading dock to misstate the amount of merchandise the company ships or receives?
Full access can be difficult to achieve on a traditional loading dock with doors, seals and dock levelers that are not sized properly.
All too often, property managers have no control over the design of the loading dock areas they must manage.
The "loading dock" bright-line test in the proposed regulations is apparently based on the statement that "only external distribution costs" qualify for deductions.
To keep pace, the company added warehousing capacity and overhauled its 14 loading dock bays to operate at optimum safety and efficiency.
Industrial safety specialist Caste11 has developed a data-gathering and analysis device to maximise loading dock efficiency.
The lease is comprised of 75,000 s/f of warehouse space and a 15,000 s/f parking lot and loading dock area as part of the larger 320,000 s/f property.