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To curtail or diminish, as, for example, to dock a person's wages for lateness or poor work. The cage or enclosed space in a criminal court where prisoners stand when brought in for trial.

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an enclosed space in a court of law where the accused sits or stands during trial.
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Widely seen as the gold standard of environmental control for loading docks throughout the food industry, the drive-through dock design is quickly gaining momentum in the pharmaceutical industry, as well.
Pewaukee, WI, November 12, 2016 --( The company's strip curtains are built according to the client's unique warehouse environment and can help to control temperature, noise and other challenges within the loading dock space.
Transport lanes buzzswith forklifts speeding with inventory to and from the loading dock. Workers scan barcodes, palletize product and oversee production.
The addition of DockMonitor to the range means that Salvo[TM] now enables loading dock performance to be measured while still guaranteeing safety.
Connors said the only significant changes to the property are the addition of about 34 parking spaces, for a total of 65 spaces, and the addition of 10 new loading docks.
Mortality risk increased linearly with years of employment and was similar across job categories despite differences in patterns of exhaust-related particulate matter from diesel trucks, city and highway traffic, and loading dock operations.
For example, because so much of the work on loading docks involve driving in reverse, Yale has developed driver seats that swivel and a handle that steadies the driver as he looks over his shoulder.
The entire facility features 18-foot clear ceiling heights, one loading dock per unit and two parking spaces per 1,000 s/f.
Street skating and loading docks are down for life.
Increase employee comfort and productivity at loading docks with the CoolMan 2500 trailer fan.
It received $31,928 to add three loading docks to its existing building.