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One primary explanation of the social loafing phenomenon is the lack of performer identifiability.
Social loafing has received relatively scant attention by researchers in the sport psychology literature.
Measuring the shouting and clapping of cheer-leaders under solo and group conditions, their findings supported a social loafing effect.
Another untested area in the social loafing literature is task duration.
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Effective December 17, 2010, Creative Loafing Sarasota no longer will be published by Creative Loafing Inc.
Creative Loafing is a perfect complement to our suite of TICKET entertainment products, which will include a new online portal and mobile features that we are rolling out in early 2011," Herald-Tribune publisher Diane McFarlin said.
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The outside directors of Creative Loafing agreed to form this special committee.
Creative Loafing in Atlanta will continue to be a vital part of the community in Atlanta, serving readers and advertisers in this market.