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In current measures of the characteristics of social loafing researchers have mainly focused on the magnitude of perceived social loafing in a team, treating social loafing as a state variable.
Our aim in this study was to examine differences in individuals' social loafing tendency by conceptualizing the tendency as a habitual response.
Of the participants, 165 completed the SLTQ to demonstrate internal consistency and for exploratory factor analysis (EFA), and 47--who had actually worked together for their group course work (3-5 people in a team)--completed the SLTQ, and their real team leaders completed the PSLQ to evaluate the members' magnitude of social loafing.
Hence, it stands to reason that contingent rewards and punishments would not be equally efficacious in terms of reducing social loafing in organizations, contrary to a common assumption in this literature (e.
Effects of contingent rewards and contingent punishments on social loafing
Measuring the shouting and clapping of cheer-leaders under solo and group conditions, their findings supported a social loafing effect.
Another untested area in the social loafing literature is task duration.
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