loan applicant

See: obligor
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The board of directors of a community bank is made up of local citizens for whom a loan applicant is not just a series of numbers on paper.
Banks rely on SBA guarantees when the loan applicant is a slight risk for them under their standard criteria.
This Application will in addition steadily facilitate online tracking of MSE application by the loan applicant.
Allied uses SafeCheck SSN Verification to validate Social Security numbers for loan applicant review.
In one case, a loan applicant provided medical documentation of his disability, a Department of Labor Work Capacity Evaluation form, and a benefits statement showing regular disability payments since 2009.
The amendments connect the amount of a loan applicant s dependents to his income, which is set as SR2,000 for each family member.
Previously, it could take days or even weeks to accurately qualify a loan applicant.
House renovation works including repair or renewal of roof, rendering, structural repairs, damp proofing, windows, doors and sundry repair works, maximum individual project value Au30,000 let on an individual project basis where the loan applicant is the Employer.
Thus, a mortgage loan applicant desiring a high-LTV loan may pay off other indebtedness, recognizing that the combination of a high LTV and high ratios increases the probability of rejection.